With over 20 years in business dedicated to document imaging, viewing, and conversion technology Snowbound Software has earned the trust of insurance institutions worldwide.

Snowbound Software – the pioneering leader of electronic document viewing and conversion technology – has enabled industry leaders in the Fortune 500 to overcome industry-specific document processing challenges. Increase productivity and efficiency with Snowbound’s high-speed viewing software and award-winning imaging and conversion SDK to advance overall business operations.   Here’s how…

  • Expedite claims processing and enhance customer service – A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. And Motley Fool’s web site advises potential insurance customers, “You want top drawer claims service.” Review and settle claims expediently, accurately and efficiently with Snowbound’s imaging solutions. Snowbound’s document viewing solution offers immediate access to critical content… Learn More    
  • Enhance automated compliance and archiving efforts – Meeting compliance demands for insurance companies can be complicated by policy changes or claims that are introduced over the life of the policy. These changes can be hard to track. Reduce the risk of non-compliance with Snowbound’s viewing and conversion solutions. Provide on demand universal access to critical content and audit trails of document workflows…  Learn More  
  • Add value to your ECM system – Leverage your investment and take it to the next level. Snowbound’s viewing and conversion technology enhances and accelerates the viewing and processing of the content in your content management and/or document management system, regardless of application or backend repository… Learn More
  • Help Support and Increase Channel Business – Enhance viewing and collaboration capabilities for agents, distributors, remote workers and other channel partners. VirtualViewer® HTML5, Snowbound’s zero-footprint viewer, provides the ability to view documents from any desktop or mobile device with a web browser … Learn More

Whether you need to ensure access to claims for your remote workers, locate critical content for an eDiscovery case or convert data for archiving, Snowbound Software has the solution.