Hospitals and medical clinics often have multiple file systems to maintain including accounting information and patient medical records. And usually these systems are not integrated. Leverage your existing technology and integrate Snowbound’s viewing module to enable health care providers the ability to share information and work together, regardless of where the information is maintained.

  • Give authorized internal and external parties access to patient records - Snowbound enables high-speed viewing™ of physician referrals, test results, reports, medical image files (MRIs, CTs, etc), invoices, and more from any device that has a web browser. And, because it is a browser-based viewer, there are no client installations, client-side dependencies, or digital certificates necessary.
  • View files in original format – With VirtualViewer® you can view files in their original formats including Word, PDF, DICOM, TIFF, and more. This enables you to avoid unnecessary, costly and time-consuming conversions.
  • Collaborate on patient records via the Web – VirtualViewer’s extensive annotation capabilities allow users to “mark-up” documents and images directly through a Web browser. The annotations are applied in layers to ensure the integrity of the original file is maintained.
  • Block sensitive information – Along with supporting your administrator’s user permissions, VirtualViewer offers redaction functionality enabling users to block out sensitive patient information prior to sending a file for review.

"Snowbound worked with us to provide components that we incorporated into our code, which really helped us rapidly develop and deploy the new solution. This enhanced application, which utilized Snowbound’s components, enabled us to extend the life of our EMR and while at the same time providing a higher level of support to our clinicians and others using the system." - Patrick Neece, Chief Information Officer, Jefferson Regional Medical Center