Financial & Banking

With over 20 years in business dedicated to document imaging, viewing, and conversion technology Snowbound Software has earned the trust of financial institutions worldwide.Nine of the nation’s top ten banks and seven of the world’s largest international banks rely on Snowbound’s viewing and conversion solutions, including Bank of America, Citicorp, Deutsche Bank and Wachovia.

Ensure Content Accessibility After A Merger Or Acquisition

When financial organizations come together, integrating data across disparate platforms can be daunting. Snowbound provides rapid and reliable access to content both within and outside of your existing enterprise. Snowbound extends your ability to view and utilize document and image files across multiple platforms and repositories, regardless of file formats. Use Snowbound to:

  • Access legacy content or other files stored in formats not supported by your current viewing application. Our VirtualViewer® HTML5 enables users to open, redact, and annotate files in virtually any document or image format regardless of your platform. Includes ABIC, PDF, MS Office, AFP, proprietary TIFF and more.VirtualViewer® HTML5 can be configured to enable functionality based on user permissions.
  • Expand your access to your content. Convert/transform to and from an extensive array of document and image formats including JPEG, PDF, TIFF, AFP, MO:DCA and more with our RasterMaster® conversion SDK.
  • Develop the most advanced imaging and conversion tools in the industry for your platform – Our RasterMaster® conversion SDK. is available for Java and .NET and leads the industry in performance and reliability.