Financial & Banking

With over 20 years in business dedicated to document imaging, viewing, and conversion technology Snowbound Software has earned the trust of financial institutions worldwide.Nine of the nation’s top ten banks and seven of the world’s largest international banks rely on Snowbound’s viewing and conversion solutions, including Bank of America, Citicorp, Deutsche Bank and Wachovia.

Adhere to Compliance Regulations

Financial institutions struggle to meet growing industry demands and regulations to store more data for longer periods and to access and share content on demand. Snowbound's VirtualViewer® HTML5 provides an efficient, high-speed viewing solution that enhance access, collaboration and security across a multitude of file formats. Snowbound can help:

  • Enhance your compliance efforts – VirtualViewer® HTML5’s annotation features enable you to communicate edits or feedback within a document without altering the original content.
  • Reduce storage expenses – Snowbound’s RasterMaster® document conversion and transformation SDK allows you to convert files using a variety of compression options to further reduce the file size. If document conversion / transformation is not your best option, VirtualViewer® HTML5 offers an alternative.
  • Open files in native formats -- VirtualViewer® HTML5 can open virtually any file, in any format via a Web browser, offering a way to avoid conversion altogether.
  • Protect sensitive information – Snowbound’s redaction capabilities permanently hide portions of the document retrieved on the server so that when the file is transmitted to the client for viewing, the redacted content cannot be viewed or searched upon.
  • Add control – VirtualViewer® HTML5's user-friendly UI makes it easy to establish and manage user permissions for your internal and external users.