Financial & Banking

With over 20 years in business dedicated to document imaging, viewing, and conversion technology Snowbound Software has earned the trust of financial institutions worldwide.Nine of the nation’s top ten banks and seven of the world’s largest international banks rely on Snowbound’s viewing and conversion solutions, including Bank of America, Citicorp, Deutsche Bank and Wachovia.

Accelerate and Simplify Document Processing

Financial documents are rapidly increasing in volume and complexity. This requires that financial institutions speed up the processing of loan applications, mortgage papers, check and money orders and other financial documents. Our conversion and viewing technologies accelerate and simplify document processing at every step from scanning / input through archiving, with solutions for documents which can range from hundreds to thousands of pages. Snowbound helps financial organizations to:

  • Save time and increase efficiency and ROI by viewing only the content you need — Our Page on Demand™ viewing technology enables users to specify and open only the requested page(s) at the click of a mouse instead of waiting for the entire document to download or stream.
  • Gain immediate access to critical content — Snowbound technology can create a virtual document incorporating frequently viewed pages drawn from multiple sources. This feature enables rapid access to specific, routinely-opened content via a single virtual file, viewable without the need for creator applications such as Adobe or Word.
  • Expedite your workflow — Snowbound’s easy-to-use collaboration capabilities accelerate document processing with productivity-boosting annotation functions such as sticky notes and rubber stamps.
  • Streamline processing of scanned images by cleaning them up and reducing read errors —Snowbound’s imaging and conversion SDK can add important deskew, despeckle and manipulation capabilities into your application to efficiently clean and repair poorly scanned images and straighten maligned scans.
  • Open and work with AFP documents across any platform — Snowbound’s VirtualViewer® HTML5 eliminates the need to convert legacy documents like AFP, MO:DCA and PCL by enabling you to view, manipulate, annotate, redact and print AFP documents through a standard web browser. If you do choose to convert, Snowbound’s RasterMaster® conversion SDK enables you to build document conversion / transformation capabilities into your application to output to many formats including TIFF, PDF or AFP to JPEG.
  • Eliminate remote viewing concerns — When you have no control over client environments or installed applications, VirtualViewer® HTML5 enables end users to view content over any platform, from any location, without having to download additional applications; it runs directly in a Web browser. Administrators control user permissions through the easy to configure user interface. Remote employees, off shore processing partners, and customers, will have access to pre-determined functions, as configured by the administrator.