Snowbound Software provides powerful web viewers and smarter imaging toolkits that deliver high-speed document viewing, conversion, and manipulation capabilities for Unix/Java or Windows platforms. They provide important enhancements to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Content Management (CMS), and Document Management systems. 

Whether you need a robust SDK to build your own viewing, conversion, and extraction functions into your applications, or a complete web viewer that is already pre-configured for a variety of commercially available document management systems, we provide proven and reliable technology backed by comprehensive support programs.

Our VirtualViewer® Java-based web viewer enables your end users to quickly and easily retrieve, view, manipulate, and annotate documents and images. When integrated with your document management system, VirtualViewer:

  • Enhances productivity and increases efficiency — Search, retrieve, display, manipulate, and annotate multiple document and image formats through one universal web viewer.
  • Reduces download time for single and multi-page documents — Using our advanced thumbnail option, thumbnails can be displayed from either the first page of a document or each individual page allowing the user to quickly and easily navigate and view a specific page within the multi-page document. Image processing can be performed on the server or on the clinet, based on customer preferences.
  • Provides sophisticated annotation and redaction capabilities — Annotations and redactions can be inserted on multiple overlays of a particular document and stored back in the database for continuing the workflow process or for easy retrieval.
  • Reduces overall expenses — Whether using VirtualViewer or Rastermaster, all the functions you need are bundled within the product, minimizing requirements for other tools or applications. 
  • Helps users easily manage renditions — Offers multiple options for handling renditions from converting on-the-fly to viewing in the native format.
  • Meets business requirements and supports user permission levels — With the ability to easily configure the User Interface (UI) you can set individual user roles and permissions across the enterprise.

Our RasterMaster® viewing and conversion SDK provides comprehensive features that allow developers to easily incorporate robust imaging functionality into your document management system. RasterMaster:

  • Supports numerous document and image formats — Including ABIC, AFP, JBIG, JPEG, MO:DCA, MS Word, PCL, PDF, and TIFF.
  • Provides expert imaging features and functions — Including viewing, image conversion, manipulation, annotation, printing, and saving.
  • Streamlines the content aggregation process — Text extraction functions enable developers to create aggregation tools to batch extract text and formatting data from MS Word, MS Excel, AFP, PDF, and PCL formats that can be stored and indexed or imported into data fields.

Working closely with our partners and customers including Documentum, eCopy/Nuance, FileNet, Gauss, Hyland Software (OnBase), IBM (Content Manager), and many more, we deliver the industry's most powerful and reliable imaging technology for document management.

We are here to support you and give your company a competitive advantage. Contact us today to learn how we can help you take your imaging capabilities to new heights.