The document lifecycle represents the process used to share information through integrated Enterprise Content Management systems and Business Process Automation. Our solutions are involved with each step of the lifecycle with products to capture/record, view/deliver, manage/process and store/archive.

Scanning Software

Use technology that was built to enhance document scanning by providing critical imaging functions during the archival process. Use RasterMaster, our imaging and conversion SDK, to build document and image manipulation functions including deskew and despeckle into the scanning application. Our technology expedites the processing of scanning images from capture vendors including Xerox, Panasonic, and more. We are here to help you to streamline your document lifecycle by producing cleanly scanned images and reducing costly read errors.

File Conversion

Convert files to and from a multitude of document and image formats, including PNG, PDF, TIFF, AFP, MO:DCA and JPEG in either of our development-ready solutions. If you are looking for developer tools that will enable you to incorporate conversion functions directly into your application, check out our award-winning RasterMaster imaging and conversion SDK.

Merge Documents

Meet business process, storage/archive and/or compliance requirements. Build Snowbound’s unique page manipulation support into your viewer with RasterMaster. These functions will help you to control and manipulate documents at the capture stage, so critical content is easy to retrieve and manage even after the document has been placed in storage. The functions will enable you to do the following: merge pages from multiple documents into a single document; split documents into two or more new documents; add pages to a document; delete pages from a document; rotate pages, re-order pages within a document and more.

Text Search

Our search features make it easy to populate index fields with specific data and values relevant in associating data with images. Our search tool enables you to search specific terms or patterns, or configure your application with Javascript API s to display the first search-term highlighted in the document upon retrieval. Quickly search text information contained within a variety of formats – Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, and PCL. Navigate to information quickly and efficiently with search results that highlight the searched terms.