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Microsoft Word to PDF

Snowbound has created a vast array of resource and educational materials related to viewing, conversion, imaging, and documents.

Companies use Snowbound Software’s imaging developer tools and complete document viewing solutions to quickly and efficiently convert and standardize their documents from MS Word to PDF files for easy archiving and display.

Electronic document archiving is a priority for companies seeking a comprehensive solution for their information storage, distribution, and retrieval needs. Two crucial requirements for an efficient document conversion and document viewing solution include the ability to:

  • Archive documents in an easily readable format (non-proprietary or application specific)
  • Quickly retrieve and view documents without being dependent on the native application, or multiple viewing programs

While Microsoft Word is a popular program that companies rely on to create and record information, Adobe Acrobat’s PDF file format provides a means to archive documents in a format that is easy to distribute across platforms, provides protection against information being pulled out of context, and allows the documents to be viewed in their intended state.

In order to convert MS Word to PDF, most companies rely on a process that invokes a printer driver. Many of these drivers process documents slowly and generate a static image of the document rather than creating searchable PDF files.

Snowbound Software’s RasterMaster imaging SDK empowers software developers to easily build functionality into their applications to convert text and format data from MS Word to PDF. Using our powerful text extraction and text writing functionality, your PDF files will be fully-searchable, enhancing workflow and eliminating search concerns for archiving purposes. These functions can be integrated directly into your custom applications, rather than relying on a printer driver, resulting in a reliable, high-speed batch conversion process.

Our tools to extract text and create PDF files can also be used with other formats including MS Excel, PCL and AFP, to provide a wide-range of document imaging and conversion solutions.

Learn More About Document and Image Conversion

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  • PDF to JPEG - Convert PDF to JPEG directly and rapidly, without having to invoke a print driver or any other external application
  • AFP to PDF - Create applications that directly convert IBM ImagePlus MO:DCA (AFP, IOCA and PTOCA) documents to searchable PDF

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