Snowbound Software Attributes 32% Q1 Growth to COVID-related Project Demand

Waltham, MA (June 10, 2021) - Snowbound Software, the leader in web-based document viewing solutions, announces strong financial performance Year-To-Date through April 30. The company saw its highest YTD by 32% as well as set individual consecutive monthly records since January.

“As with most companies, we did not know what the impact would be as businesses navigated a new post-COVID environment,” commented Simon Wieczner, CEO at Snowbound. “When organizations were forced to quickly pivot and re-engineer how they were doing business, the demand for certain technologies increased and we were fortunate to be able to offer solutions that fulfilled a critical need within their workflows.”

Snowbound has been providing advanced document viewing and conversion solutions for over 25 years. VirtualViewer®, Snowbound’s robust document viewer, equips users with an extensive feature set including annotations, redactions, page manipulation, and intuitive navigation to extend collaborative capabilities. VirtualViewer supports numerous formats including PDF, MS Office, AFP, DWG, TIFF, email, video, audio files and more within one universal interface.  It’s REST API and RESTful content handler provides a more flexible development and deployment capability enabling it to be easily integrated into most applications. RasterMaster, Snowbound’s flagship imaging and conversion SDK, is a complete API that developers can leverage to incorporate expert imaging features and functions into their custom applications.

Added Wieczner, “Our products enable enterprises and OEMs to provide a more efficient and secure way to share, collaborate and manage documents and images. As companies continue to redefine and transform their digital processes, the need to incorporate a more robust viewer becomes a priority when more advanced functionality is required, or processes that support large, complex documents are involved.”

“We are very fortunate to have long-standing, established relationships with our customers that enabled us to be part of the discussions during the pandemic uncertainty and helped us better understand how we could be ready to assist as the market conditions began to improve as we emerged from a turbulent and unprecedented year,” added Michael Sabourin, COO at Snowbound. “We managed accordingly so that when customers were ready to begin rolling out their projects that had been put on hold, our teams were ready to respond and deliver so that there were no further delays."