Snowbound Software's SVG Output Enables High Resolution Viewers (11/5/14)

Waltham, MA (Nov 5, 2014) - Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing technology, today announced the addition of SVG (scalable vector graphics) and PDF/A support for its viewing and conversion SDK, RasterMaster, as well as a new system to make it easier for customers to add functionality to their evaluation or purchased product.

The new version of RasterMaster can transform all popular document formats -- including PDF, AFP, MS Word, and PCL -- into SVG, a new browser format that dramatically improves the display quality of documents on the web. Unlike bitmap formats that store and draw images as dot patterns, the SVG format draws text and other such information in scalable lines and arcs that do not suffer pixilation when zoomed to any size. Because SVG files can be much smaller than bitmaps, the format provides enhanced computation and downloading efficiencies for viewing.

"After researching commonly used third-party SVG libraries, Snowbound determined it would need to develop its own technology to meet our standards of excellence and our customer needs," said VP of Research & Development, Jim Palo. "The addition of SVG to RasterMaster improves not only the ability to handle a wide variety of PDF, MS Office, and AFP documents (including problem ones), but also the speed at which these documents and images can be downloaded, viewed, and manipulated."

RasterMaster Version 14.0 now also outputs PDF/A, an in-demand document archival format that allows users to save text-based documents to both PDF and PDF/A. PDF/A is a specialized output format of PDF that provides users with a reliable reproduction of the visual appearance of any document, independent of the tools and systems used for creating, storing, or rendering the files.

"Snowbound's output of PDF/A, which includes embedded fonts, provides our customers with a solution for long-term storage and archiving, an increasingly important need among businesses and government entities," said Simon Wieczner, president and CEO of Snowbound Software.

The release also includes an important update to Snowbound's licensing system, making it much easier for customers to add additional RasterMaster options to their evaluation product without having to reinstall.