Snowbound Announces VirtualViewer HTML5 4.0 With HD Display (12/2/14)

Waltham, MA (Dec 2, 2014) - Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing technology, today announced the release of VirtualViewer HTML5 4.0, the latest version of the firm's award-winning document viewer.

VirtualViewer HTML5 4.0 introduces several major enhancements, including:

  • SVG support - VirtualViewer 4.0 displays SVG formatted documents with perfect rendition. Even when zoomed, SVG documents suffer no degradation of text, curves, or lines. Snowbound's SVG support reduces download sizes and memory requirements on the server, allowing for much greater transmission speed and more user capacity on the server.

    While most document viewers use third party plug-ins to view SVG documents, Snowbound developed its own technology to create the very first Java-based solution for viewing and converting all popular document formats to SVG. This allows Snowbound to better serve customers who have unusual and unique problem documents.

    Additionally, since the SVG format is supported by all popular browsers and VirtualViewer HTML5 is a purely browser-based document viewer, users do not need to install any application to manage their documents, eliminating platform and user support issues.

  • Enhanced printing capabilities - Regardless of location, users can easily print their documents directly from the viewer with both local and network printing options.
  • Integrated e-mail feature - Users can directly e-mail documents from within the viewer.

Snowbound's VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer is a pure HTML document viewing solution enabling file retrieval through a universal web application. It does not require any client-side installation or plug-ins such as Flash, Adobe, or Office. VirtualViewer HTML5 works with any standard browser, provides on-the-go mobile document viewing, and delivers flexible cross-platform support. It is available for both Java and .NET.


"The release of 4.0 moves VirtualViewer HTML from the realm of mere viewing technology into a full business process application," said George Farnham, Snowbound's vice president of sales. "These enhancements give our customers in a variety of industries -- including banking, shipping and healthcare -- the ability to quickly view, annotate/redact, and distribute mission critical documents regardless of format."

"This release of VirtualViewer will provide users with an unparalleled document viewing experience," said Snowbound's product manager, Jeff Kurson. "The benefits our SVG technology brings to the product are impressive and our customers will understand immediately that they are looking at something extraordinary."


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