Snowbound Software Adds Split Image Panel to Document Viewer (4/30/13)

Waltham, MA. (4/30/13) - Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing technology, today announced the addition of a split image panel to its VirtualViewer Java Applet.

The split image panel function allows users to easily view and compare two documents--like the front and back of a check, for example--within the viewer at the same time, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between multiple tabs or windows.

“With screen real estate always at a premium, our customers came to us looking for solutions to maximize workflow efficiency,” said Jeff Kurson, Snowbound’s Product Manager. “Adding a split image panel to VirtualViewer streamlines their unique processes.”

In addition to the document comparison capabilities provided by the split image panel, users can also apply the function to simultaneously view two pages within a document. This additional split panel mode provides an alternative to the thumbnail panel, allowing users to efficiently scan through a document for important information on a larger scale.

The Java Applet viewer also offers many other sophisticated capabilities for document workflow processing, including zooming, rotation, text search, redaction and annotation. It supports viewing for all popular document formats (Acrobat, AFP, Fax, JPEG, MS Office, and TIFF).

In addition to the Applet, VirtualViewer is also available as a pure HTML5 document viewer that enables users to view content from any client station without requiring a download or installation.