Snowbound Introduces Text Search for VirtualViewer HTML5 (5/14/13)

Waltham, MA. (5/14/13) - Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing technology, today released new text searching capabilities for its web-based document viewer, VirtualViewer HTML5 (formely VirtualViewer AJAX). With this enhancement, Snowbound enables users to more productively and efficiently access critical information from any device or platform, including smartphones and tablets.

Text search gives users the ability to instantly locate key information for text-based documents such as Microsoft Office, PDF, AFP, and PCL. Because VirtualViewer HTML5 requires no client installation or download, users can search documents from any device with a web browser.

After a user enters a query into the simple search field, the thumbnail panel populates with the pages from the document that match the case-sensitive search parameters. The user can then easily cycle through the highlighted results with front and back buttons to find the desired information.

“Document text search is no longer a luxury, but a vital requirement for review of workflow documents,” said Simon Wieczner, president and CEO at Snowbound Software. “We are excited to bring this feature to our customers while still keeping VirtualViewer HTML5 a lightweight and efficient document viewer.”

All of VirtualViewer’s thumbnail features, including search, can be uniquely configured to meet users’ needs. Snowbound provides API samples with VirtualViewer so customers can choose which features and buttons they want to display.

Snowbound’s VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer is a pure HTML document viewing solution enabling file retrieval through a universal web application. It does not require any client-side installation or plug-ins such as Flash, Adobe, or Office. VirtualViewer HTML5 works with any standard browser, provides on-the-go mobile document viewing, and delivers flexible cross-platform support. It is available for both Java and .NET (x32 or x64).