Snowbound Expands API Support for VirtualViewer HTML5 (6/10/13)

Waltham, MA (6/10/13) - Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing technology, today announced expanded JavaScript API support for VirtualViewer HTML5, a web-based document viewer that enables file retrieval through a universal web application. The expanded support provides customers with additional APIs to call viewer functions and tailor the viewer specifically to their unique needs.

The expanded APIs give businesses the ability to combine many different critical functions into one easy-to-use web application. Likewise, the viewer APIs allow customers to maintain a consistent look and feel across their web presence, making the user experience more pleasant and reducing support issues.

Customer demand to embed the viewer into existing web applications and interfaces encouraged Snowbound to extend the API support for VirtualViewer HTML5.

“By expanding the breadth of Snowbound’s API capabilities, we’re making it easier for our customers to leverage the flexible nature of VirtualViewer,” said Snowbound’s Product Manager, Jeff Kurson. “This enables them to expedite the process of folding VirtualViewer into their own specific web ecosystem."

With the comprehensive JavaScript APIs, customers can select which VirtualViewer functions are displayed and where they are placed. The samples give users the ability to easily create their own function buttons to invoke existing VirtualViewer functions, including search, page flipping, export, print, save, and all of the image controls (zoom, rotate, etc.).

The expanded JavaScript API documentation and samples are available to customers upon purchase of VirtualViewer HTML5.

Snowbound’s VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer is a pure HTML document viewing solution. It does not require any client-side installation or plug-ins such as Flash, Adobe, or Office. VirtualViewer HTML5 works with any standard browser, provides on-the-go mobile document viewing, and delivers flexible cross-platform support. It is available for both Java and .NET (x32 or x64).