Snowbound Software Expands IBM Support by Releasing Content Navigator Connector (10/22/12)

Waltham, MA (October 22, 2012) – Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing and conversion solutions, further expands its IBM support with the release of a Content Navigator connector for their VirtualViewer HTML5 (formely VirtualViewer AJAX) solution.

VirtualViewer HTML5 delivers a pure HTML viewing option for IBM’s web client.  It does not require any client-side installation, creator application, or plug-ins such as Flash, Adobe or Office. Because there are no applet or third-party dependencies it enables IT departments to quickly and easily install, maintain and update.

VirtualViewer HTML5 for IBM Content Navigator provides users with a web-based portal to perform critical document workflow tasks:

  • Create new document – In addition to moving and deleting pages within documents, users can generate a new document that contains only the page(s) that they need by copying required pages from existing multiple documents to further streamline their workflow.       
  • Expedite review and collaboration processes – Users can quickly and easily add annotations or redactions to any document or image with right-click menu options.
  • Read and Modify Existing FileNet Annotations – Users can retrieve, view, and modify existing FileNet annotations as well as save to the FileNet annotation format making it easier for organizations to migrate from or extend their existing solution. 
  • Navigate easily between multiple documents – Open multiple documents within the same viewer and navigate using either thumbnails or tabbed windows.

“Since 1996 we have been providing IBM customers with sophisticated solutions to address their specific document viewing, and conversion needs,” commented Simon Wieczner, President of Snowbound Software. “It is this relationship that has enabled us to really understand the requirements and allows us the ability to continue to deliver quality solutions to the marketplace.”  

“Because our viewer is a true Zero Footprint viewing option many of our IBM customers choose to use VirtualViewer as their only viewing solution.  However because of its flexible architecture and our familiarity with the out-of-the-box viewing options provided by IBM we make it easy for customers to add our viewer to augment their current viewing solution, providing their users with a true Zero Footprint option.  Today’s marketplace demands the ability to provide access remotely and from mobile devices.”

To address the needs of an organization’s entire globally distributed user base, without the need to install multiple versions, VirtualViewer HTML5 can auto detect the language setting of the user’s browser and automatically display the viewer’s menu(s) and dialog boxes in the end-user’s language.  In addition the viewer provides support for double-byte annotations enabling text notes, rubber stamps and sticky notes to be displayed in any language as well.

Snowbound’s technology is embedded within mission-critical processes by a variety of organizations, including seven of the world’s ten largest financial institutions, five of the largest US insurance companies and three of the world’s biggest delivery service organizations.