Snowbound Software Adds Right to Left Language Support for Document Viewers and SDKs (12/6/12)

Waltham, MA. (December 6, 2012) - Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing and conversion solutions, is pleased to announce the release of right to left language support for Microsoft Word documents and PDF files across multiple products, including its VirtualViewer document viewers and RasterMaster Viewing and Conversion SDKs.

“The expanded language support and functionality continues Snowbound’s commitment to further developing industry-leading document viewing and image conversion applications for businesses and organizations across the globe,” commented Jeff Kurson, Product Manager.

The new right to left functionality makes it easy for users to view, edit, and annotate documents with right to left scripts, such as Arabic, Hebrew, and other languages that require contextual shaping.

With VirtualViewer HTML5, Snowbound’s pure HTML document viewer, users can open and annotate documents with right to left scripts without installing MS Office or Adobe Acrobat on the client. Similarly, RasterMaster SDKs offer easy and fast conversions of documents with right to left scripts while avoiding the use of a print driver.

The support is available for VirtualViewer HTML5 Java or .NET, as well as the Java applet and content server model. In RasterMaster, it is available for Java, Windows, or .NET.