Snowbound makes further push into Healthcare Market with HIMSS Show & Webinar (1/24/12)

Secure EMR Viewer for Enhanced Patient Processing & Healthier HIS

Boston, MA. (January 24, 2012) - Snowbound Software is pleased to announce the firm’s great strides into the healthcare market with its document viewing and conversion applications and software development toolkits (SDKs). Healthcare organizations around the world use Snowbound’s technology to securely access and display electronic medical records (EMR) and to integrate with, enhance and extend investment in HIS systems. Use of Snowbound’s offerings also helps ensure that their healthcare clients meet HITECH/HIPAA requirements for data security and patient privacy.

The company is launching two new programs as part of its market-oriented continuing education series – the first thrust of which is geared specifically to the healthcare market. The firm will be exhibiting at the HIMSS healthcare show in Las Vegas on February 20-24, and launching its market-focused webinar series on February 2nd – highlighting some of the real-world uses of Snowbound’s technology. Snowbound’s document and image viewers and SDKs help organizations around the globe access, view, verify and process a multitude of transactions every day – from secure patient records viewing to streamlined insurance claims processing. Sign up HERE for ‘Secure EMR for a Healthier HIS’.

”Snowbound continues to expand and diversify its client base,” explained Simon Wieczner, president of Snowbound Software, “especially in the areas of healthcare, banking/financial services and the insurance industries. We’ve had the good fortune to experience strong growth even during the recent economic struggles that many have endured. In 2012 we’re going to focus our efforts on addressing these vertical markets even more directly, to better position how we can help firms in these areas streamline their document access and processing, assist with compliance efforts, and add value and extend the capabilities of existing systems.”

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