New Snowbound Document Viewer Features Greater Annotation Support for Easier Processing (1/11/12)

View, Annotate and Manipulate FileNet and Other Documents

Boston, MA. (January 11, 2012) - Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing and conversion solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its latest Web-browser based document and image viewer highlighting enhanced functionality for FileNet users. VirtualViewer AJAX 2.2 continues Snowbound’s commitment to developing and distributing industry-leading document viewing and image conversion applications and software development toolkits (SDKs).

VirtualViewer AJAX 2.2 viewers in this release are available for Java, .NET x32 and Java FileNet platforms, with the .NET x64 version scheduled for release in early 2012. Highlighted new features include the ability to print and export documents with or without annotations, and the ability to create new documents from page manipulations. For FileNet users, annotation support has been greatly enhanced including the abilities to read, edit and save FileNet annotations.

Implementing VirtualViewer AJAX for FileNet to replace the basic viewer (bundled with the application) also gives FileNet users an installation-free solution as no client side software needs to be installed, which also translates into less IT support required. VirtualViewer AJAX offers features that allow the editing and saving of FileNet stored documents and annotations, and advanced page manipulation including document combination, and the deletion and reordering of pages – all from a pure HTML client.

“Our entire line of VirtualViewer AJAX document and image viewers is a ‘pure HTML’ solution,” explained Simon Wieczner, president of Snowbound Software, “meaning that virtually any file format may be accessed via a Web browser including mobile devices like Apple’s iPad. Our AJAX viewer requires no client installation, provides true cross-platform support and automatically converts files for display with unprecedented speed – helping streamline business processes.”

Pricing and Availability

Snowbound’s VirtualViewer Version 2.2 for Java, .NET x32 and Java FileNet Connector platforms are available immediately, with the x64 version scheduled for release in early 2012. Standard pricing begins at $8,995. Volume discounts and OEM pricing are also available. Learn more about VirtualViewer Document and Image Viewer.