Snowbound Announces New Pinnacle Support Plan – for Peak Performance

Designed to get Product Evaluations and Implementations up-and-running Quickly and Easily

Boston, MA. (June 8, 2011) - Snowbound Software, the market leader in document viewing and conversion solutions, is pleased to announce its new and expanded support and maintenance programs. Snowbound’s Pinnacle Support Plan is designed to help customers, as well as prospects, attain powerful and comprehensive document conversion and viewing for their firms – either through off-the-shelf application implementation, or by developing and integrating unique solutions using a software development toolkit (SDK).

Snowbound’s Pinnacle Plan offers a comprehensive suite of support services including dedicated implementation resources, streamlined response services, and several extended support program options to ensure continuity of operations. The new plan also introduces a cloud-based pilot program environment, which features a turnkey hosted environment on a preconfigured server, for application evaluation and verification and pilot program development.

Pinnacle Support Plan features:

  • Expedited Response Services & Extended Support Programs – to address critical issues including mission-critical severity 1, 2 or 3 events on up to a 24x7 basis
  • Professional/customization Services – expert assistance for integration, configuration and customization
  • Cloud-based Pilot Program – turnkey hosted environment for a ‘quick start’ implementation
  • Product Maintenance – Periodic updates to insure obsolescence protection

”The goal of our new Pinnacle Plan is to help our clients implement and leverage our solutions as quickly as possible, and to ensure ongoing support continuity for all customer projects” explained Simon Wieczner, president of Snowbound Software. “Snowbound’s document viewing and conversion applications and SDKs are used in a wide variety of mission-critical applications. This new quick-response and ongoing support program enables us to help our customers get up-and-running more easily and smoothly – to better help their customers and users.”