Snowbound Software Reports Significant Revenue Growth Despite Recession

Snowbound sees 25 percent revenue increase in fourth quarter comparison between 2008 and 2009

Watertown, Ma. (February 9, 2010) -- Snowbound Software, the pioneering leader of advanced document viewing, conversion and manipulation technology, today announced substantial revenue growth due to robust sales over the last fiscal year.

Despite the challenging economic climate, Snowbound’s sales continued to thrive as they have since 1996, when the company was established. Business was driven both by new product releases and new SnowCap partnerships that extended the company’s global reach to Africa and throughout the European Union. Revenue generated in Q4 of 2009 versus revenue in Q4 of 2008 shows an increase of 24.5 percent. Profits increased over 85% for the quarter and over 65% for the year. During the 2008 to 2009 fiscal year, overall revenue also increased.

“The economic decline over the last year and ongoing uncertainty about what is to come, has led companies to choose their investments carefully. Our customers and business partners continue to invest in our imaging technology because it helps to mitigate the effects of this financial downturn by increasing efficiency and productivity,” said Simon Wieczner, president and chief executive officer at Snowbound Software. “We expect our growth to continue as companies realize the need for cost-effective advanced viewing technologies, especially given the recent increases in regulation and compliance demands. Recent product enhancements that offer efficiency-enhancing features like the automated image clean-up functions we added to our RasterMaster SDK and the multi-page scanning capabilities for VirtualViewer Java will help companies to streamline their viewing and conversion processes even further. These enhancements plus others will increase their efficiency, productivity and ROI as our Universal Viewer solution demonstrates its value.”