Snowbound Announces Record Q1 Results

Rebounding Economy and Customer-Inspired Products Drive Revenues Higher

April 29, 2010 (Boston, MA) – Snowbound Software, the leader in document viewing and conversion solutions, is pleased to announce that the resurgent economy as well as new products designed to meet customer needs, has resulted in the company’s best first quarter ever and the best March in its fourteen year history.

Specifically, Q1 2010 sales exceeded Q1 2009 by 18% and exceeded the previous Q1 record (2008) by 14%. March 2010 sales figures were 63% higher than March 2009 and 42% higher than the next highest March (2007).

Contributing to these results were strong showings from the financial, insurance, and health care records management markets. Several leading banks, a number of insurance companies and the dominant health care records players were all instrumental in helping Snowbound achieve these numbers.

Also a factor in these results was Snowbound’s new VirtualViewer AJAX 1.8. This product meets customer needs for a Web-based, support-free, as well as installation free universal document viewer.

“They say that a slow economy is the best time to prepare to make gains in your market and against your competition,” explained Simon Wieczner, President, Snowbound Software, “Confident in our products, our people and our industry, we’ve used the relative slower pace of 2009 to further invest in our product development and our company – improving our Quality Assurance and our customer support, as well as developing new products driven by market demand. Our customers have expressed great satisfaction in what we’ve brought to them, and we think our recent success and growth is just the tip on the iceberg.”