New Feature Enhancements Extend Snowbound Software’s VirtualViewer for Java

New viewing and collaboration capabilities include multi-page scanning, one click document email as well as support for a FileNet P8 integration option

Watertown, Ma. (January 12, 2010) -- Snowbound Software, the pioneering leader of document viewing and conversion technology, today announced new feature enhancements for VirtualViewer® Java’s client /server option. These enhancements, which include multi-page scanning, one-click document emailing capabilities and a FileNet P8 integration option, speed workflow by extending document viewing and collaboration capabilities.

VirtualViewer, Snowbound’s suite of high-speed viewing and collaborating applications, has an extremely flexible architecture which enables the customer to choose the client/server configuration that best suits user and business requirements. It is available in a .NET solution, a Java solution and an AJAX Zero Footprint browser-based option. By combining its robust viewing client(s) with one of Snowbound’s powerful server modules, the viewer will deliver a complete end-to-end viewing, manipulation, annotation and redaction solution.

VirtualViewer Java’s client/server configuration now provides new features that expedite document processing even more by consolidating multiple step processes down to one or two steps. New enhancements include:

  • Multi-Page Scanning – The ability to scan multiple pages loaded in the scanner at once.
  • One-Click Email – The ability for an administrator to specify an email server from which the viewer will automatically attach and send a designated document; the user can choose to send it with or without annotations
  • Configurable Thumbnail Display - The ability to resize the thumbnail panel enabling the user to view as many or as few thumbnails as is necessary.
  • New Auditing Functionality – The added ability to track page manipulations, annotations and rotations to help audit document workflow.
  • Optional FileNet P8 Connector for Server and Client – Built in support for a FileNet P8 integration.

“We are continually evaluating our products and advancing them to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving business environment. We wanted to give our Java customers greater flexibility, as well as tools that increase efficiency.” said Chris Moynihan, product manager at Snowbound Software. “These most recent enhancements all help to accelerate workflow exponentially by consolidating many small and time-consuming steps in to one or two steps, making it easy and quick to do things like scan several pages simultaneously, or email documents directly from the viewer. And for those who choose to purchase the FileNet P8 connector, the additional support built into VirtualViewer Java will provide easy access to documents stored in a FileNet repository while also permitting the viewer to access other repositories and file systems. It gives organizations file access across multiple departments while using the same viewing application throughout.”

The VirtualViewer viewing suite supports a wide array of document formats including AFP, PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, TIFF and more. Users can annotate, redact, and manipulate any format that is supported in the viewer without the need to invoke the creator application or to convert the file. It also provides its users the ability to manipulate documents directly in the web-based viewer. Pages can be rotated, copied, inserted deleted and reordered. Its Virtual Documents feature allows pages from multiple sources to be pulled into a single virtual file enabling rapid access to content.


VirtualViewer Java 12.6 is available immediately. To request an evaluation, visit