Snowbound Software Offers New Starter Kit for VirtualViewer AJAX

The Starter Kit gives organizations a cost-effective solution for proof of concept or pilot projects requiring an easy to implement Zero Footprint Viewer for Java or .NET

Watertown, MA (December 16, 2009) -- Snowbound Software, the pioneering leader of document viewing and conversion technology, announced today the immediate availability of its VirtualViewer® AJAX Starter Kit. The Kit, which is available for both Java or .NET and supports a wide variety of file formats including TIFF, PNG, JPEG, DICOM and more. Customers also have the option to upgrade the package with support for additional formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, DWG and more.

VirtualViewer AJAX, Snowbound’s true Zero Footprint viewer, provides an AJAX-powered HTML viewer which can easily extend an existing web application or complement a new solution. It is a powerful viewing component that alleviates the need for and cost associated with IT controlling or tracking JVMs or .NET configurations on the client side. Because of the flexibility AJAX provides a wide variety of organizations can benefit from using the viewer including finance, insurance, healthcare, and government.

Municipalities can easily provide access to public documents and forms such as plot plans, As-Built diagrams and dig safe drawings to its workforce and its constituents. Small healthcare facilities that range in size from small offices to large enterprises can utilize VirtualViewer’s universal viewing capabilities to augment its electronic patient record management efforts, enabling quick, easy and remote access to a multitude of documents and medical images. Corporations that utilize departmental document management systems or basic computer file systems can offer a lightweight flexible viewing solution for all their documents.

The Starter Kit gives an option to organizations that are rolling out pilot programs or small-to-mid size businesses that want to get up and running with an AJAX viewer quickly, easily and in a cost-effective manner. Because of the viewer’s flexible architecture, as requirements change or the user base expands, companies can easily migrate to the enterprise addition to better meet their needs.

VirtualViewer AJAX is one of Snowbound’s high-speed viewing™ solutions. This option is an extremely lightweight, portable and dynamic alternative that provides full viewing and processing capabilities including: zooming, rotating, thumbnail selection, annotation, redaction and more. Because it is a pure HTML viewer that displays in any browser it does not require installation thereby eliminating any client platform or security certificate issues. Its ability to automatically convert the requested file from its native format for viewing in the browser enables it to support a wide variety of document formats including Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, TIFF and more.

Jody Spencer, Director of Marketing for Snowbound Software, said, “This package is tailored for customers that need to quickly implement a viewer for a pilot program or a phased rollout. It provides the functionality that they need at a price point that typically reduces or eliminates the customer’s required internal review and purchase approval process.”

“This year’s economic challenges have pushed organizations to rethink how they do business. As more companies adopt an operating strategy that includes more remote workers the need for the AJAX document viewer is growing at a rapid pace. This demand, combined with the need to shorten the evaluation and buying process for the customers, is what drove the concept of the starter package,” added Spencer.

In addition to Snowbound’s VirtualViewer AJAX option, the suite also includes a pure Java applet as well as a Java applet and server combination. All of the viewers enable users to view, annotate, manipulate, redact, and convert virtually any document or image through a web-based viewer.


The VirtualViewer AJAX Starter Package is available immediately. Pricing starts at $5000. To request a full evaluation version, visit . To evaluate an online demo of VirtualViewer AJAX visit