Snowbound Software Joins The Paperless Project Coalition

The Coalition focuses on transforming the way organizations work with paper and electronic content to reduce their carbon footprint

Watertown, MA (March 19, 2009) -- Snowbound Software, the pioneering leader of document viewing and conversion technology, joins industry-leading content management and document imaging providers to create The Paperless Project Coalition. The Coalition’s mission is to transform the way organizations work with paper and electronic content to reduce their overall carbon footprint by implementing “Green” processes.

“We are honored to join The Paperless Project’s efforts to educate organizations on the importance of reducing their reliance on paper as well as help to transform their processes to attain this goal. Many organizations depend on Snowbound Software as an integral part of their paperless strategy. Both our Imaging and Conversion SDKs as well as Document and Image Viewers eliminate traditional paper-based workflow tasks and increase throughput,” commented William Martin, director of business development for Snowbound Software.

The Coalition’s Go Green initiative focuses on identifying paper intensive processes within an organization and providing an electronic solution to eliminate the reliance on paper while also increasing overall efficiency. The Coalition is comprised of organizations that provide all of the components necessary to create an end-to-end document management solution including: front-end capture, core repository, image conversion, viewing applications, and collaboration solutions.

Brent Wesler, vice president of business development at Square 9 Softworks commented, “We are excited that Snowbound Software has become a Paperless Project Coalition member. Snowbound’s RasterMaster imaging toolkit and VirtualViewer Zero Footprint viewing application aligns perfectly with our efforts to help organizations operate in a true paperless manner.”

Square 9 Softworks and InfiNet Business Systems are the co-founding organizations of the Coalition. Additional partners include Xerox DocuShare, Fujitsu, Microsoft, BISCOM, Kofax, and Paradatec. To learn more about The Paperless Project visit