Snowbound Software Develops DocClean Module to Provide New Image Clean-up Options for Scanned Documents and Images

This optional module for its Windows-based RasterMaster SDK can automatically or manually perform hole punch removal, blank page detection and more on scanned or faxed images

Watertown, MA (November 30, 2009) -- Snowbound Software, the pioneering leader of document viewing and conversion technology, announces the addition of DocClean™, an optional module that can be added to its RasterMaster for Windows. DocClean provides additional image clean-up capabilities including hole punch removal and blank page detection to enhance image quality for color, grayscale and black and white documents and images that have been scanned or faxed.

These new functions can be invoked manually when needed or called automatically to detect and remove blank pages, blob removal, unwanted shading and borders, speckles, hole punch circles, and more. In addition, automated image handling capabilities including auto invert, auto orient and deskew can be used to straighten or rotate scanned images. 

Jim Palo, Vice President of Engineering at Snowbound, commented, “We have been providing image clean up capabilities within our SDKs since 1996. And we are continually working with our customers and OEMs to add new features that address the requirements that evolve as scanning devices and workflow change. These most recent enhancements provide significant new benefits, especially if automated at point of capture, for banks, insurance companies, medical offices and any other business that regularly processes scanned or faxed documents.”

Additional DocClean enhancements help to maximize archiving and storage efficiency by enabling companies to reduce file sizes for storage by providing the ability to:

  • determine if document content should remain color or be converted to bi-tonal
  • convert grayscale and color images to bi-tonal automatically
  • remove specified colors from an image
  • reduce color noise and variation

Snowbound Software’s family of RasterMaster® Imaging and Conversion SDKs is built on over 25 years of imaging expertise and continually enhanced to ensure that it offers the most advanced imaging tools in the industry. It is available for multiple platforms including Java, Windows, .NET and Unix. Utilizing its easy-to-use API, software developers can easily incorporate expert imaging capabilities into their product or application including: scanning, viewing, conversion, manipulation, annotation, printing, and saving. It supports numerous formats including Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF, AFP, and more.


The DocClean option will be available for Windows (DLL) at the end of December. A .NET version is in development. Contact sales for more information. Pricing starts at $2500. To request an evaluation, visit