Kisters AG Partners With Snowbound Software To Resell and Integrate Snowbound's Viewers and Imaging SDKs Throughout Europe

Partnership expands Snowbound's global market penetration while delivering industry-leading viewing technologies and providing local support for customers in Europe

WATERTOWN, MA (September 15, 2009) – Snowbound Software, the pioneering leader of document viewing and conversion technology, announced today that Kisters AG has joined their SnowCAP Partner Program to provide industry-leading imaging, viewing, and conversion technology to their customers throughout Europe.

Kisters AG, a leading provider and system integrator of enabling software technologies for the energy and environment markets, is headquartered in Aachen, Germany with 19 locations around the globe. Their core offerings provide technology for time series management (TSM), modeling and forecasting, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and distributed electric and thermal generation units. Kisters IT solutions division, which is the primary division partnering with Snowbound Software, provides hardware including large format printers, 3D printers, large format scanners and visualization software solutions for almost any kind of application used across all vertical markets.

“Kisters is a specialist in viewing technologies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We have over 2,500 customers with over 100,000 installations of our viewers. We found Snowbound’s technology and solutions complimentary to our existing product portfolio because it addresses the fundamental viewing needs of companies and organizations that have a large number of users,” commented Germar Nikol, business unit manager, Kisters. “Our customers span a variety of industries including healthcare and insurance. These customers typically have a large number of users with different requirements. Using Snowbound’s technology suite we can easily build or integrate a variety of customized viewing applications that satisfy the needs of our customers.”

As part of the SnowCAP program Kisters is able to utilize Snowbound’s technology for their customers. This includes Snowbound’s RasterMaster Imaging and Conversion SDKs as well as its VirtualViewer suite of high-speed document and image viewers. RasterMaster enables developers to build a variety of document imaging, viewing, and conversion functions into their applications through easy-to-use APIs. It is available for Java, Windows (ActiveX, DLL, and .NET), and UNIX. VirtualViewer provides a universal User Interface for users to view, annotate, redact, and manipulate virtually any document or image. It is available as a Java applet, applet/servlet combination, and a Zero Footprint AJAX option for Java and .NET.

“For our customers that require no downloads, Snowbound’s Zero Footprint viewing solution is perfect and it also minimizes deployment challenges as well as administrative costs,” added Nikol.

George Farnham, vice president of sales at Snowbound Software, commented, “We are pleased to have Kisters AG join our reseller and partner program. Kisters is a well-known and respected organization around the globe recognized for their innovative software solutions. We value their knowledge and experience and look forward to working with them to deliver critical viewing technologies that further enhance their clients’ systems.”

Snowbound Software and Kisters AG will be demonstrating their solutions at the upcoming Digital Management Solutions (DMS) Expo held September 15-17 in Cologne, Germany. Kisters is located in booth A010 and Snowbound Software is located in booth E002. For more information visit

About Kisters AG

Kisters is a 350+ employee company, headquartered in Aachen, Germany, with 19 locations around the globe. Our core solutions handle water, air and energy resources. The IT solutions division offers hardware including large format printers, 3D printers, large format scanners and visualization solutions for almost any kind of application. They are used across all vertical markets, stand alone as well as integrated in any leading system. Due to its cooperation with several vendors, Kisters is considered as highly focused and independent. Key for our success is matching and developing solutions according to the customers’ requirements. Kisters has more than 2,500 customers that run over 100.000 installations of our viewers. Kisters AG (German site) or (English site).

About Snowbound Software

Snowbound Software creates viewing and conversion technology that augments applications and productivity throughout the entire document lifecycle. Our platform agnostic components provide essential capabilities at each step from input through archiving. Snowbound’s global customer base includes millions of installations and thousands of developers spanning a variety of industries. For more information please visit