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No Trees Were Harmed Using Snowbound Products

I am proud to say that Snowbound continues the fight against tree harvesting for the purpose of manufacturing paper for business documents. Numerous business processes—including mortgages, insurance claims, banking transactions, medical records and so many more—never see “the light of paper”...

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Eating Your Own Dog Food

Doesn’t sound appetizing, does it? But we do. Or put more plainly: We use what we sell. Our VirtualViewer® HTML5 (VV) for Java and .NET sits on top of our RasterMaster (RM) SDK/libraries. Those libraries are driven to excellence because we depend on them for our VirtualViewer universal HTML5...

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Scrap or Enhance Your ECM?

Updating your Enterprise System Gently – without cracking any eggs I don’t think anyone could have predicted that Fortune 500 companies (among many others) would be running software written in the 1960’s and 70’s today. But for the same reasons that’s been going on,  that situation persists today...

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The Myths of Open Source Software

In our line of business, document formats like PDF, DOCX, TIFF, and JPEG are critical to our customers. Often customers, even engineers, don’t appreciate the amount of effort that these highly complex documents and images require to be manipulated and rendered for display and other functions....

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Can I Get Fries with That?

It happens to all of us... You cook a steak and someone wants it cooked more. You plant a tree and your wife wants it on the other side of the yard. You carefully plan, design and create a beautiful document viewer but the customer wants the backend to run on Jboss rather than Websphere. You...

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Reflections on Why We Build our Products Ourselves

Many of us have heard the following sales pitch many times over our careers: We’ve got a product that’s carefully crafted with the “best of breed” components and tuned for optimum performance and quality as a turnkey solution. Oh, and it is also backed by our Fortune 500 company resources. Hard...

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