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We’re Working Hard to Support You Despite COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, we’ve naturally had many conversations with our customers and partners about Snowbound’s availability during the coronavirus pandemic. So many of our customers are large enterprises that depend on their vendors to protect their data and ensure continuous support. Whether...

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Thank You for Your Support in 2019

And a request for ideas on what more we can do to address Global Warming Thank you to our customers, partners and employees for making 2019 a great year!  There is no question in my mind that the collaboration and cooperation between us is the secret sauce.   To reassure you that...

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Getting Out Major Releases (Not a Trivial Task)

With a sigh of relief, we recently put out two major releases in succession.  Our VirtualViewer HTML5 v5.0, that sits on top of our RasterMaster product, came out only a month after RasterMaster v20. We put out major upgrades only every few years because our Fortune 2000 enterprise customers need...

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