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Understanding Excel Custom Number Formats: Part 2

Order of Operators In the first part, I talked about some basic features and quirks of Excel's custom number format. This time, I'll talk more in depth about how Custom Formats order glyphs it receives. Sometimes, it's straightforward, but sometimes the order doesn't matter. This ended up...

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Understanding Excel Custom Number Formats: Part 1

A Puzzle of Numbers RasterMaster engineers at Snowbound have an unwritten (and quite obvious) goal when converting formats: be as accurate as possible. However, this typically means diving into myriad subsystems. The Microsoft Office Open XML (MSOOXML) specifications are free to download for...

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How to View Processes that Affect Performance

Snowbound Software is dedicated to providing high quality technical support when you experience difficulties using our products. To help us diagnose and resolve your issue, we may need you to check your operating system and the applications running on your system to troubleshoot the problem. This...

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Converting a Byte Array to Another Byte Array

When converting images, you may need to convert a byte array to another byte array. Snowbound Software’s RasterMaster Imaging SDK product for .NET lets you take an image, convert it to a byte array, and then save it as another byte array. This can help you when converting files from one format to...

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