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The Myths of Open Source Software

In our line of business, document formats like PDF, DOCX, TIFF, and JPEG are critical to our customers. Often customers, even engineers, don’t appreciate the amount of effort that these highly complex documents and images require to be manipulated and rendered for display and other functions....

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Can I Get Fries with That?

It happens to all of us... You cook a steak and someone wants it cooked more. You plant a tree and your wife wants it on the other side of the yard. You carefully plan, design and create a beautiful document viewer but the customer wants the backend to run on Jboss rather than Websphere. You...

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Reflections on Why We Build our Products Ourselves

Many of us have heard the following sales pitch many times over our careers: We’ve got a product that’s carefully crafted with the “best of breed” components and tuned for optimum performance and quality as a turnkey solution. Oh, and it is also backed by our Fortune 500 company resources. Hard...

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When a Large Company Buys a Small Company

Competitive Considerations on Technology Acquisition As part of a small company in the large market of Content Management, I have been an observer to many interesting changes in the past few years. We play in the same space as IBM, EMC, OpenText, Oracle, HP, Onbase and Lexmark. These giant (or...

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Why My Car Dealer Needs an HTML5 Viewer

Yesterday, I brought my car to my shiny, huge car dealership. Brand new cars everywhere. The dealership is so busy they have over 100 loaners for their customers. However, what they don’t have is a viewing system for the millions of paper pages of car service record documents they store. With the...

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Chrome is Paving the Way for HTML5 Viewing

As of September 2015, most people are not able to run Java client software (including applets) in the most popular browser in the USA today. If you’re not up to date on browser popularity, I’m talking about Chrome, which has achieved a market share of 40%-60%, depending on the source. The mobile...

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The Danger of Undocumented Features

What do most people do when they are working on their computer and see a “Format Not Allowed” dialog box? Or how about a “File Not Supported” error? Most of us would assume the application isn’t built to handle whatever we are trying to do and find another approach. But that’s not everyone. Some...

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