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Support for the Unsupported File Formats

by | Jun 2, 2015

Snowbound prides itself on its robust document and image format support. From TIFF and PNG to AFP and PCL, Snowbound Software’s solutions—including VirtualViewer HTML5—can read, display, and manipulate hundreds of different file formats.

But what happens to a user’s workflow within the viewer when they stumble across a format we don’t traditionally support? Say something like a .zip, .exe, or .jar file that cannot be viewed, manipulated or modified. While it’s unlikely someone would purposefully try and load these, they are still used regularly within the document workflow to transfer files and could easily find their way into the viewer.

In the past, one of these unsupported files being loaded into the viewer might result in the system freezing and producing an error message. Now, however, with the latest update to VirtualViewer HTML5, even files that Snowbound doesn’t currently support can be exported and downloaded to a client’s computer in its original format.

This update ensures our customers an uninterrupted workflow no matter what document and file types find their way into the viewer. Essentially, Snowbound now provides support for even its unsupported file formats.


Robert McInnes is a Jr. Software Engineer at Snowbound Software with a focus in Java and JavaScript programming.