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Java PDF Viewer – a Flexible & Valuable Document Viewing Solution

by | Feb 15, 2012

One of the many types of document and image viewers available is a Java PDF viewer which makes it easy to convert, display, read and print documents and image files in any environment that supports Java. Today’s viewers support literally hundreds of file formats, giving users the ability to easily convert, and securely access virtually any document or image files via a universal display. A Java PDF viewer will also display annotations as they are added to files throughout the document lifecycle, assisting with document management, and helping ensure document audit trial compliance as required in some industries.

Organizations in a great many industries rely on document viewing technology to enable their business to be transacted efficiently and effectively. In the legal industry for instance, Java PDF viewers are used to quickly and accurately deliver case files, enable text searching capabilities and provide secure document redaction capabilities – to ensure that confidential information is protected. And firms in the banking, financial services and insurance industries use document and image viewers, including Java PDF viewers, to streamline workflow and expedite forms and claims processing.

Java PDF Viewer – Client/Server or AJAX* ‘Pure HTML’ Options – for use ‘on-the-go’ too

Users should take into account how flexible the architecture is when choosing a document and image viewing solution such as a Java PDF viewer, to ensure that the solution will meet the ever-evolving needs of the enterprise now – and into the future. Selecting a document and image viewing solution that is designed to address changing business needs and continually integrate with (and keep abreast of) technological innovations is paramount.

An organization may choose between a 100% client/server Java Solution, or an AJAX web-based viewer for Java (available for .NET too), depending upon business requirements, the existing enterprise system already in place, and IT resources. There are factors that need to be considered for both solutions for instance, a client/server solution will typically have a bit better image and page manipulation ability, while an AJAX solution requires less IT involvement as there aren’t any client-side software installations, and also provides for mobile viewing…

The growing need for mobile viewing for on-the-go professionals is another consideration when looking at options for document viewing such as Java PDF viewers. AJAX technology extends an organization’s capabilities beyond the standard client/server framework, requires no client-side installation, eliminates client platform issues; and enables secure document access, annotation and review from virtually anywhere via web browser. So no matter what an organization’s ‘paperwork’ requirements are, there’s an electronic document viewing solution designed to meet its needs, to help streamline workflow, and keep processes running smoothly.

* HTML-based AJAX document and image viewers provide a browser-based solution for secure access to document and image files from virtually anywhere without the need to install an application on the client. AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, the tools used to develop AJAX document viewers.