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Utilizing the New C++ Class API Wrapper

by | Apr 24, 2012

“Most people nowadays program in C++,” says Martin Peloquin, one of Snowbound’s top software engineers, “so we’ve added an API Wrapper to make the RasterMaster imaging SDK more Object-Oriented. This wrapper is also a preliminary API for the new C++ Class Library which will be made available within the year. Using the Wrapper now will make it easier to port your code if you decide to use the new upcoming Class Library.”

Here is an example API:

int totalpages = IMGLOW_get_pages(“example.mod”);

int saveformat = TIFF_UNCOMPRESSED;

for (int page=0; iIMGLOW_get_pages(“example.mod”);

int saveformat = TIFF_UNCOMPRESSED;

for (int page=0; iIMG_decompress_bitmap_page(“example.mod”,page);

status = image->IMG_save_bitmap(“save_example.tif”, saveformat);


delete image;