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Setting the Parameters to Improve Performance in VirtualViewer Java Content Server

by | Apr 24, 2012

You can improve the performance and speed of downloading documents in Snowbound Software’s VirtualViewer Java Content Server by adjusting the values of the parameters in the web.xml file. The web.xml file is a sample file that is supplied when the application is installed. It is located in the WEB-INF directory where your application files are installed.

Please note that there is always a trade off between performance and quality. To improve performance, the quality of the image may need to be set to a lower resolution in order to reduce the overall file size. This is true when working with any imaging software. For example, set the dots per inch (DPI) to 200 instead of 300.

To improve performance and the speed of loading documents in VirtualViewer Java Content Server, try setting the values of the following parameters in the web.xml file as shown below:

 <param-name> documentCacheSize</param-name>  <param-value> 1024000</param-value>

Note: Increasing the value of the documentCacheSize parameter will improve performance on the client, but will require the server to keep more content in memory and thereby decrease performance. It is important to find the right balance between the two by performance tuning the cache size during testing.

<param-name> documentCacheSize</param-name>  <param-value> 1024000</param-value>    <param-name> wordBitDepth</param-name>  <param-value> 1</param-value>    <param-name> wordDPI</param-name>  <param-value> 100</param-value>    <param-name> wordFormat</param-name>  <param-value>JPEG</param-value>    param-name> pdfBitDepth</param-name>  <param-value>1</param-value>    param-name> pdfDPI</param-name>  <param-value>100</param-value>    param-name> pdfFormat</param-name>  <param-value> JPEG</param-value>    param-name> xlsBitDepth</param-name>  <param-value>1</param-value>    param-name> xlsDPI</param-name>  <param-value> 100</param-value>