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How to View Processes that Affect Performance

by | Apr 26, 2012

Snowbound Software is dedicated to providing high quality technical support when you experience difficulties using our products. To help us diagnose and resolve your issue, we may need you to check your operating system and the applications running on your system to troubleshoot the problem. This tech tip provides steps that you can take to see what you have running on your system that may be affecting the performance and speed of your Snowbound products.

Viewing CPU Usage in the Task Manager

To check to see what applications running on your machine that could be affecting the performance, you can follow the steps below to view the CPU usage in the Task Manager:

[if !supportLists]At the same time, select the Ctrl – Alt – Delete keys

[if !supportLists][endif]In the Windows Security window, select the Task Manager button.

Select the Processes tab. The Processes Tab displays the applications running on your machine and their CPU usage.

If a program is using 100% of the CPU, it is likely that the program is degrading performance.
To check the Physical Memory, follow the steps below:

[if !supportLists][endif]In the Windows Task Manager, select the Performance tab.

In the Physical Memory section, check the Available field.

If the available memory is under 100,000K (which is 100 megabytes), Windows’ performance will be negatively affected. To fix this problem, you can close some of the programs that are open or install more RAM.