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Defining Custom Rubber Stamp Annotations in VirtualViewer

by | Apr 24, 2012

Snowbound Software’s VirtualViewer product line allows system administrators to define custom rubber stamps. Each rubber stamp defined will have a sub-menu item under the Annotations > Rubber Stamp menu.

To provide custom rubber stamps, add a customRubberStamps applet parameter as in the following example:

param name=”customRubberStamps” value=”watertownStamp,snowboundStamp”>

The accepted value is a comma-separated list of stamps that should each be defined in their own applet parameter:

param name=”watertownStamp” value=” Watertown,Watertown,Arial,plain,20,ff77ff,ff77ff”>

param name=”snowboundStamp” value=” Snowbound,Snowbound,Arial,plain,10,ff0000,0000ff”>

Note: These parameters can have any name, but it is best to use the word Stamp at the end to quickly identify them.

The stamp is constructed according to the following comma separated values:

Menu Text
Stamp Text
Font name
Font style (plain or bold)
Font size
Foreground Color
Background Color
Note: The background color is ignored.

Configuring Image Rubber Stamps

Image rubber stamps can be defined by the system administrator. To configure image rubber stamps, define one or more stamps that you would like to have available.

You can define a rubber stamp with an applet tag as follows:

The value field contains the following two comma separated values:

The text of the menu item
The URL containing the image for the stamp
The defined stamps must be included in the customStamp tag to be displayed in the Annotations > Image Rubber Stamp menu.

For example:

This parameter will look for the stamps defined and add them to the menu as follows:

Annotations > Image Rubber Stamp > snowboundStamp

Annotations > Image Rubber Stamp > buildingStamp