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Converting a File to Vector PDF Format

by | Apr 24, 2012

Vector graphics describe objects according to their geometrical characteristics including points, lines, curves, and polygons to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics differ from raster graphics, in that a raster graphic is the representation of the image as a collection of pixels (dots). You can move, resize, or change the color of a vector graphic without losing the quality of the graphic. Since vector graphics allow you to scale them without losing any quality, you may want to convert a file to a vector PDF. RasterMaster for Windows SDK (DLL) allows you to convert your file to a vector PDF.

The code sample below shows how to convert a file to a vector PDF in RasterMaster for Windows imaging SDK (DLL). This code sample supports the following formats: MS Word, MS Excel, PCL, and AFP.

#include “imglib.h”

int ExtractText( CString filename, int currentPage )


int textLength = 0;

int status = 0;

char* textBuffer = NULL;

CString pdfName = fileName + “.pdf”;

/* extract text from currentPage of file and put in textBuffer */

status = IMGLOW_extract_text( (char*)(LPCTSTR)(fileName), &textBuffer, &textLength, currentPage );

if ( 0 < textLength )


// convert and save textBuffer as vector pdf file

IMG_save_document( (char*)(LPCTSTR)(pdfName), textBuffer, PDF );


/* free textBuffer memory allocated in call to IMGLOW_extract_text() */

if ( NULL != textBuffer )


long temp = (long)GlobalHandle((HANDLE)textBuffer);

if ( temp )





textBuffer = NULL;


return status;


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