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[NEW RELEASE NOTIFICATION] RasterMaster SDK v20.0 for Java

by | May 21, 2019

The latest release of RasterMaster for Java, v20.0, is now available. This release includes major performance enhancements and bug fixes, including a new document model that enhances speed and performance by significantly reducing processing and load time for large documents.

What’s new?

Document-Based API

  • The new document-oriented API for MS Office documents saves document state information, which greatly reduces processing time of subsequent pages and results in significant performance improvements.

Exception-Based Error Handling

  • RasterMaster v20.0’s new document model includes improved, exception-based error handling that makes it easier and more seamless for developers to process errors.

Action Items:

What’s next?

RasterMaster v.20.0 for .NET will be out later in the year.


Thank you for relying on Snowbound for all your document viewing and conversion needs.

Erick Bolden, Support Manager