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by | Feb 11, 2021

VirtualViewer® v5.6 is now available. This release includes new Callbacks and Javascript APIs, media streaming from the content handler, new color text annotation & watermark features, a configurable document viewed indicator, and much more.

For more detailed information on these new features, please review the full release notes .

What’s new?

  • New Callbacks and Javascript APIs. This release introduces several new callbacks and client-side APIs that give the user more custom control of the viewer. The additions make it easier to manage and save annotations.
  • Media Streaming from Content Handler. The content handler can now stream video and audio files to VirtualViewer so the viewer can start playing them before they are fully loaded from the content store. By providing the viewer with a continuous stream, the content handler ensures that the media displays immediately after being selected.
  • New Text Annotation & Watermark Features. Background colors can now be set on text annotations and a user may now add a footnote to the body of a text annotation. In addition, watermarks can now be customized with multiple colors and fonts and a new Javascript API allows custom code to add and manipulate watermarks. Watch a quick demo of these new features.
  • Configurable Document Viewed Indicator. A blue checkmark can now be added to a thumbnail image on the document list. This feature can be utilized to indicate documents that have been viewed in the current session or documents that the user has not yet opened.
  • Improved Search of Large PDFs. Performance of text search on very long PDF documents (more than one hundred pages) has significantly improved. The performance increase is most notable while searching for text that is uncommon or non-existent on the document.
  • New Print Features. Documents can now be printed with contents scaled to “fit to page” regardless of their initial size.
  • Font Configuration for HTML File Format. When HTML files require a font source to be set manually, the viewer will attempt to use a font from a configured location and then will substitute a font if no appropriate file is found.
  • Enabling Pan Tool With Scrollbars. The pan tool allows users to scroll a document by clicking and dragging on the image pane.

Thank you for your interest in VirtualViewer.

Best regards,
Your Snowbound Product Team

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