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by | Sep 25, 2020

VirtualViewer v5.5 is now available. This release includes JRE 8 support, the introduction of a RESTful Content Handler, and additional OCR capabilities. Also, an important security flaw in iText/Bouncy Castle is addressed and resolved in this release. See below for more information.

What’s new?

JRE 8 Support
After receiving feedback from our customers, we will now be supporting JRE 8 and above starting with this release. Please note that v.5.3 and v5.4 (released earlier this year) only support JRE 11. In order to receive their features and improvements while working in a JRE 8 environment, you will need to upgrade to this latest version.

With this release we have adjusted our product version numbers to accommodate our change in JRE support. Any new features and improvements originally planned for 5.5 will still be available by the end of the year. The timeline has not changed, but the version number is now 5.6.

New Alpha version of a RESTful Content Handler
Normally, VirtualViewer calls content handler code through Java interfaces, requiring Java development. The alpha RESTful content handler translates those requests to an HTTP API. This allows the custom content handler to be written in any programming language and to be independent of VirtualViewer code, making it easier than ever to develop and deploy the viewer. Please give us your feedback on the new handler via this short survey.

​​​​​Upgraded iText from 7.0.5 to 7.1.9 for PDF/XFA, HTML file format support
The new 7.1x iText update addressed a security vulnerability within Bouncy Castle. All customers under maintenance are entitled to this update.

Added OCR support for Linux Operating Systems

Download via Docker container
In addition to the standard packaging, VirtualViewer is now available as a Docker container making it even easier to integrate with your application.

Improved Security via Bug Fixes
As a valued Snowbound customer, we want to make sure you are kept up-to-date about important enhancements to our products. We update our products on a quarterly schedule and want to make sure you stay informed of important news regarding our VirtualViewer® HTML5 document viewer.

Thank you for relying on Snowbound for all your document viewing and conversion needs. See below for additional information. 

Best regards,
Your Snowbound Product Team

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