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by | May 14, 2020

Snowbound is pleased to announce that VirtualViewer v5.3 for Java is now available. 

This release introduces new accessibility enhancements to meet Federal guidelines, as well as customer requests to improve the viewing experience for some of their users. Additionally, improved .MOV video support addresses common customer requests. We’ve also improved the developer experience through new callbacks and error handling improvements, which greatly ease the implementation and deployment of VirtualViewer.
What’s new?

Accessibility and Usability Enhancements 

Tooltips: VirtualViewer’s custom tooltips display the title of an HTML control in high-contrast text. Keyboard-only users may now trigger tooltips by focusing on an element; tooltips no longer appear only on hover. Tooltips will now appear over many more buttons, elements, and controls in the viewer. 

Visual Focus Indicators: The main document pane now receives a strong blue outline when a user tabs to focus on it.

Smoother Keyboard and Screenreader Interaction in Thumbnails: The page thumbnail, document thumbnail, and search thumbnail tabs have improved keyboard navigation. When thumbnails appear, users can navigate to the thumbnail pane with the tab key, and navigate between individual thumbnails with the arrow keys. 

Custom Development Improvements to Error Handling

VirtualViewer API Error Logging: All public VirtualViewer APIs validate the current state of the viewer before continuing their operation. This feature will significantly improve the debugging and custom code development process.

Dynamically-Loaded Image Stamp Errors: Custom code can add new image rubber stamps from the client, using Javascript APIs. Additional error handling has been added to these API functions to throw and display an error upon receiving invalid stamp data, rather than silently treating the invalid data as a null stamp.

New Callbacks

New callbacks have been added to track annotation server calls.

Additional Media Functionality

Most common MOV video files are now supported and a media-neutral API has been added that will play any media that’s currently open in the viewer. 

JRE Support

VirtualViewer v5.3 is compatible with JRE 11. VirtualViewer v5.3 does not support JRE 7 or 8, however v5.2 will continue to support JRE 7 or 8. If you have any specific questions or business requirements regarding the JRE support please contact your account manager to discuss your specific needs. 

Thank you for your interest in VirtualViewer. 

Best regards,
Your Snowbound Product Team

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