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by | Oct 25, 2019

VirtualViewer v5.1 for Java is now available. This release improves fault tolerance for high volume users and introduces important accessibility features, such as speech synthesis and compatibility with screen readers.

What’s new?

Speech Synthesis & New Accessibility Enhancements
VirtualViewer now can read documents that have text, ensuring that people with visual impairments or reading disabilities can review documents within the viewer. When a user opens a document that contains text, a button to toggle the speech controls will show up on the toolbar at the top. The speech controls bar gives the user the ability to play, stop and pause the text-to-speech.

Audio/MP3 Support
The viewer now can play MP3 files within the viewer, so the user does not have to leave the viewer to listen to audio files related to their workflow.

New fault tolerance capabilities and overall stability improvements
A new feature in VV v5.1 allows interrupted threads to be safely terminated gracefully without bringing down the server. These kind of situations may occur with corrupt or very large documents. In that event, other threads will still continue to run, allowing other processes to continue as normal.

Action Items: