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Streamline Document Processing via Viewing and Conversion Tools

by | Feb 7, 2012

More Efficient Workflow and Collaboration using Streamline Document Imaging Technology

Automated document viewers and image converters help organizations around the globe streamline document claims and forms processing to keep their businesses running smoothly, and their customers happy. Universal viewing applications enable business professionals to securely access, display, process, and review virtually any document or image format, no matter what application was used to author the original file.

High-speed document and image viewers leveraged to streamline document processing increase productivity, while at the same time decreasing IT requirements. Now, instead of having to track and maintain a number of software applications to support document and image file access, processing and archiving – one will do. And if a firm deploys browser-based viewing technology, there isn’t even a need to install software on the client side at all!

Built-in Annotation and Redaction Tools Automate Document Production too…

Document viewing applications also assist with streamline document production as well, enabling the creation of revised documents via annotation or redaction on-the-fly, even during the workflow process. Document revisions that are created in the viewer as modifications are made may be then saved to the archive, while preserving the original document – maintaining security standards, as well as regulatory and audit trial compliance. Streamline document creation in a universal viewer enables capabilities including page reordering, addition and deletion as well as document manipulation such as merging pages from multiple document into one or modifying documents into two or more new documents.

Document viewing functionality like secure redaction capabilities, ensure that confidential information stays that way, and isn’t -text searchable to maintain security. Audit trail capabilities are enhanced as the original file is never altered, and a redaction archive is created to ensure compliance with corporate regulations and security standards.

Annotations including highlighting, ‘sticky notes’ rubber stamps and watermarks may be applied to all document and image files directly in the viewer – a great help to colleague collaboration during document processing. Permission-based password levels may be setup by administrators, and annotations may be stored as separate files in the server to maintain original document integrity. And unlike secure document redactions, annotations may be text-search enabled if so desired, allowing for the fast and easy location of notes and revisions.

Universal viewing technology used to streamline document processing and production improves workflow and enhances productivity across the enterprise. Organizations in diverse industries including healthcare where secure patient medical record access is important, banking/financial services for forms and mortgage processing and the insurance industry for claims processing expedition, leverage this technology every day…maybe you should too…