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Zero-Footprint Viewers Using AJAX Technology are Shaking up the Competition

by | Jun 9, 2009

Lately we’ve been making a lot of noise about our new AJAX Zero Footprint viewers because they are powerful, meet the needs of our customers and are the only game in town. Our competition has noticed..

What are they saying?

  1. Appearing on the website of a company that sells Java applets
    Do we do Ajax…Of course we do
  2. Another competitor that sells client/server applications
    So, while users are employing their clients to pan, zoom, and move around a page; an AJAX implementation does all that on the server.
  3. A third competitor claims they’re an AJAX viewer even in their URL name but uses Adobe Flash to render the pre-processed document

I guess these people noticed the elephant in the room and they feel the need to jump on the elephant’s bandwagon … but they don’t fit. Happily, our customers do understand why zero footprint AJAX viewers solve their problems, unlike any of the competitors.

AJAX stands for asynchronous Javascript and XML. Asynchronous in that data can be up or downloaded in the background without refreshing the entire page you’re viewing. Javascript and XML are the browser-based languages used to execute the code.

What’s the point of using an AJAX zero footprint viewer versus installing a Java applet, a .NET or a Flash-based application instead? There are several reasons:

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As always, I welcome your comments. Address them to and I’ll personally review them and respond.


Simon Wieczner, CEO