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Why It’s Important to Have Wi-Fi Access at the Pool

by | May 10, 2013

Recently I vacationed in Cozumel, Mexico. It was not a bad way to spend a week away – okay, it was a really nice way! Instead of a hotel, I rented a condo via VRBO, where I could check out a description, photos and reviews of the unit and the location before I committed.

One day during that week when we were by the pool, we got talking to the person from the neighboring unit. It was a very pleasant conversation, but one question he asked truly floored me. He was an active member of the condominium association and they were wondering if guests thought it would be a good idea to have Wi-Fi at the pool. Apparently several owners were considering it, as well as doubling the internet bandwidth of the entire complex (yes, there was a cell phone tower just 1000 feet away, but data rates are high and the service is not overly reliable.)

Usually when people ask me something I get the drift pretty quickly, but this truly took me by surprise. Here I am lying in the sun on the pool deck, reading my murder mystery book and overlooking the beach – why would I need the internet? But my wife in this case was more “gadgety” than I was – she was reading her Kindle. That should have been a clue to me.

So when Mike proposed the internet question, work certainly didn’t come to mind. But that’s what he was talking about. As a semi-retired guy from Colorado who spends months at a time in Cozumel, he continues to do enough work while on vacation that internet access is an issue. And he’s not the only one. Multiple people at this condo combine work and pleasure… and they want to do it from the pool. Mike said sometimes he doesn’t get down to the pool until after 2PM because he’s got so much online work to do. I know what you’re thinking: what a crime!

Taking into account that 40% of US adults now have tablets, it’s kind of obvious where this story is going. Between the expected shortfalls of Social Security and IRA savings, the aging of the baby boomers, and the presence of amazing tablet technology, there’s a definite need and trend for people to continue working while semi-retired or on vacation. And many of them will be very far from their IT support personnel so their devices will have to be pretty reliable and foolproof.

So, to our corporate customers: YES! Snowbound will help you get the banking, credit card, insurance, shipping, municipality and health record data to your users via trouble-free tablets. If they have a browser, we can also help you get them their statements and bills. Whether you’re at work, at home, in bed or at the pool.

Writing this to you from the pool (I wish),