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Why Do the World’s Largest Banks Use Snowbound Software?

by | Jun 4, 2012

Last month I wrote about why so many US financial institutions use Snowbound’s products. This month I want to talk about why the world’s largest banks (7 out of 10) also depend on Snowbound Software as well. What reasons do they find compelling?

Handling US originated documents and images

US banks and corporations generate huge numbers of documents that are circulated world-wide. Some of those checks and documents are in proprietary formats– for example AFP documents and ABIC check images. Given how closely bound the world’s financial institutions are today, they all need to handle similar data and documents – hence they use Snowbound products that support almost any document (or image file type for that matter) thrown at them.

UNIX and Java Make Sense World-wide

The world is a smaller place nowadays. Good ideas like UNIX and JAVA circulate quickly. And UNIX servers running Java makes perfect sense to any large institution that has many locations, many servers, legacy systems from previous acquisitions, and a need for strong security. The technological answer to meet all those requirements is UNIX and Java.

UNIX is known for its ability to run on servers from different manufacturers. It has been around a long time by computing standards and it has stood the test of time for reliability and security. It’s the perfect partner for a large institution.

And Java, with its ability to be run on almost any server plus its modern design that ensures greater security than many other programming languages, is also a logical choice. Java can’t overwrite memory and it can’t access hardware without a security certificate. It also can be run not only on servers but Windows clients, Macintosh clients, Android tablets and Android phones. Many peripheral devices also run Java.

Bankers Talk

If a financial institution finds a reliable technology and a reliable, capable vendor, the word gets out. All these institutions have similar operating and contractual requirements. They want a vendor familiar with their requirements. Their need for secure, dependable, well-performing products from companies that have been vetted in this business for many years is universal. For compliance, they must have 24×7 responsive support, guarantees of software security, disaster recovery assurance, vendor and employee background checking, software escrow and many more requirements that are absolutely critical to them.

Ultimately all companies choose vendors based upon their degree of confidence with the products and the company itself. Do they understand my needs and will they be there when I call? We’re proud that we can be that partner/vendor for so many financial institutions, as well organizations in a variety of other industries.

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