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Why Do the Top US Insurance Companies Use Snowbound Software?

by | Jul 18, 2012

Question:  What do the top insurance companies have in common with their customers?

Answer:  The desire to Get Claims Processed and settled as quickly as possible.

Expedited insurance claims processing is a win-win for everyone involved. Claimants can go about quickly repairing or replacing what’s been damaged, and insurance companies efficiently clear their books without expending extra resources on additional processing, while increasing their ability to handle more claims with the same staff.

However the creation and collection of claims documents for the approval process is critical to this workflow.  Whether the documents are hand-scribbled notes, photos of the damaged items, or scans of purchase receipts; claims adjustors can only process a claim when they have all the necessary documents.  So the ideal solution will accept, collect and support all necessary documents in a common workflow system, enabling a claims adjustor to easily review and markup for supervisor approval, or request the customer to supply more information.  That means that faxes, letters, emails and photos all need to all be handled by this system for maximum efficiency and benefit.

So how can this process best be facilitated?  Well, Snowbound’s VirtualViewer is a type of web viewer particularly well-suited for this scenario. That’s why at least five of the top 10 Insurance giants in the United States use Snowbound Software products for claims processing – featuring:

1)      Mature technology that supports the acceptance, viewing and markup of any document (MS Office,  Adobe Acrobat, Fax, Scan, Photo) related to the claim

2)      Greater efficiency through centralized, web access for claims data that speeds retrieval, viewing and even forwarding to colleagues for further processing

3)      Scalable and easily distributed technology that offers installation-free and minimal training client applications that quickly get claims processors up and running

4)      Solutions available for any platform via Java (and Unix) or .NET versions for Windows installations

5)      Centralized data with internationally-friendly client apps that can be automatically configured to the target population

NET BENEFITS:   Faster Response, Easier Support, Lower Costs, Happier Customers, Happier Corporate Management, Happier CFO’s.

Just like the old rule, for maximum efficiency and throughput, avoid leaving your desk and instead let your fingers do the walking. One universal claims processing solution, with access to a central database, is the true key to greater customer satisfaction and greater corporate returns.