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We’re Working Hard to Support You Despite COVID-19

by | Apr 20, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we’ve naturally had many conversations with our customers and partners about Snowbound’s availability during the coronavirus pandemic.

So many of our customers are large enterprises that depend on their vendors to protect their data and ensure continuous support. Whether it’s personal information (PI) confidentiality, data and network security, or disaster recovery, we are required by our customers to do our part in protecting them from loss, maintaining product reliability and quality, and supporting them for their future growth. Disaster recovery is an issue that always comes up because our products are used in mission-critical processes and we have to be there to support them if something fails.

Though we never seriously anticipated having to deal with a pandemic, all of our existing precautionary measures for protecting our customers and employees in the event of a disaster have fortunately prepared us for this current situation. 

However, even with our current level of disaster preparedness,  we still needed to take extra precautions to protect ourselves in response to Covid-19.  After testing our work from home capabilities before the general mandate was made by the state, I can thankfully say we were ready. And so we remain. 

Our workforce is distributed and safe, but immediately available and able to work at top efficiency.  

To our customers,  we are “business as usual”. The data and systems we use remain secure.  

To our community, we are maintaining safe, physical distancing.  

To our employees, we are keeping them financially secure,  productive and safe from Covid-19.

Call us if you need us! 

Stay safe and be well,