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We Want to Help You, and Why You Should Accept

by | Jun 10, 2011

Over the 15 years we’ve been in this quite highly specialized area of imaging technology, we have found that though many of our customers are experts in their own technology , they’re not necessarily experts in ours.  But that’s not very surprising – we live in a very specialized world.  What is surprising is how many of the capable engineers we sell to underestimate the knowledge and skills required to implement technology such as ours to obtain the greatest possible benefit and therefore try to do it without assistance.

One of our challenges is to inform our customers that partnering with us to solve their problems is their best approach to successful project implementation.  We only succeed if our customers successfully deploy their product (that embeds our technology).

We have a comprehensive array of services, all designed to help our customers develop and maintain their applications:

a)     Evaluation assistance – we try very hard to make it easy for our customers to learn to use our products with free evaluations and assistance

b)     Samples, code review, product tweaks – we’ll even write some code or look at your samples to help you  get up and running quickly

c)     Professional services – we can speed your integration via installation, configuration and specialized training services

d)     Customization – to solve your unique problem, we can add features or modify interfaces

e)     Maintenance – obsolescence protection –ongoing product updates

f)      Pilot project hosting – we’ll even set up your pilot project environment on a 3rd party, secure hosted server to speed your work

When you risk your company’s success and well-being on a product that is crucial to your operations, you should be confident your partner will be there if you have problems. Maintenance and support services are critical to insure our clients’ get the updates they need when they need them.  Most of our customers have maintenance agreements to insure the product(s) they use have been updated with operating system and security fixes as well as improvements in the performance and capability of the product.  These updates are made regularly and frequently (at least once per quarter) because of the pace of development and improvement.

Additionally, with the expansion of document types that are now commonly used in most corporate workflow environments, and the many sources of such documents (some a bit questionable in terms of quality and conformance) it is even more important to stay current with product updates.  The old days of TIFF being the only document format are long gone – now it’s PDF, Word, Excel, RTF, PCL, AFP and even HTML.  Whether it’s a scanned document, a created one or one viewed in a browser, businesses today need to keep their capability to access and view these document types up to date.

So what do we recommend to our customers?

1)     Stay current.  Keep your maintenance programs active and update your product regularly.

2)     Ask for help if you need it.  We are the image and document experts and can give you insight if you’re having issues with some of your documents, or the performance you’re seeing working with them.  Much of that help is available with our website FAQ’s or via our support Q&A system.  We can tell you if the documents you’re receiving conform to standards or are corrupted.

3)     If you need in-depth help, inquire about our incident program to get quick answers to your questions or problems

4)     Is down-time critical in your application? Check with us on our extended support programs.

5)     Do you have a requirement for special features or configurations to help speed your workflow processes?  Check with us on how we can help you.  You may find we can dramatically improve your product’s capabilities and operation.

The world moves very fast today.  You need experts who can help you be competitive and progressive enough to stay ahead of the pack.  Call us. + 1 1617 607 2010

Simon Wieczner