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Too Busy for Training – Even if it’s free?

by | Jun 9, 2009

A common refrain from a lot of people in our industry is that they’re too busy to train or go to a class.  Some people will also tell me that there is nothing they can learn going to a class or seminar.

I have a message for those people – you don’t have time not to learn!

I will agree that most training is not 100% new content and often, if you’re knowledgeable and experienced, there is very little that’s new.  Yes, some of the time in any training session is wasted, and it would be nice if that wasted time could be avoided.    Still, in my experience, there is always a kernel of wisdom derived from training, and that kernel justifies the whole effort.  That’s happened to me time and again.

Have you heard the old adage about marketing – 50% of marketing dollars are wasted, but how can you predict which 50%?  Kernels of wisdom are picked up in unpredictable ways.

At Snowbound we believe greater understanding brings on greater success.  If our customers learn more about our products, they will be more successful and faster in implementation and use.  Our greatest failures occur when a customer is unwilling to read the manual or ask for help, and then doesn’t manage to build their application correctly.

We continue to brainstorm how to best help our customers.  Here are our latest offers for VirtualViewer or RasterMaster assistance:

a)    Implementation assistance via webconference – Four hours free with orders over $10K or with the purchase of 5 days of professional services.

b)    Installation or configuration assistance via webconference –  Same as above

c)    Product training –  Same as above

Professional services hours can be applied to any of the above services or for custom development.   On-site training or installation services are available at extra cost.

Our goal is your success.  Please take the time to let us help you.

*  Offer subject to change without notice after 30 days from the date of this newsletter.

Simon Wieczner, CEO